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I Wire your people to win more customers, increase your sales and amplify your profit margins’

Concerned about the lack of prospecting taking place for new business?

Unhappy with your sales revenue figures?

Worried as you watch your profit margins suffer?

Frustrated because your salespeople have the will but lack the skill to succeed?

Disappointed as you watch your managers fail to motivate their teams?

Irritated that time management and planning is a bit of a joke?

I can fix all these problems (and more)

I understand your frustrations, I know exactly why these things happen and I know how to help fix them

Over the past 12 years, I've helped over 2000 Salespeople and Managers increase their performance

I've coached over 400 people throughout the UK and parts of Europe in the electrical industry 

I’ve delivered prospecting training responsible for more than £1mil in new business


Here’s what people have to say about me

Adam is the ultimate sales trainer, I have had the pleasure of attending Adams famous cold call clinics and Adams knowledge of the sales process and how to prospect for new business are second to none. All Adams sessions are energetic and engaging and he is able to keep a room enthused with his charismatic style of delivery, I would highly recommend Adam to anybody looking to help their sales team increase their account base, increase sales from existing customers and increase profit margins.


I look forward to hopefully working with Adam again in future


Sales Representative

Superb prospecting cold call training session with Adam yesterday. After years in the industry, you’re never too old to learn and it was delivered in a professional enjoyable way.


Took so much away with me, it can and will add business. A must for all SM's.



It has been a pleasure putting mine and my team’s personal development in Adam’s hands.

I found him to be incredibly knowledgeable with a unique, engaging delivery style that is practically guaranteed to energise the workforce and produce remarkable results.


Adam’s mix of theory based training, backed by scientific principles had a marked effect on the team’s success both on the telephone and in person. 



I trust Adam implicitly and using his services is an absolute no-brainer for anyone who wants their sales team to yield better results.



Wow, Adam Wilson is an incredible sales trainer. I have had only 2 sessions with him and I believe I have improved within my role massively. He manages to capture the attention of a whole room of people instantly and keeping everyone involved at all times.


A truly talented and incredibly down to earth gentleman. Highly recommend


Business development MANAGER


A wholesaler or supplier is only ever as good as

Its people

Are your salespeople leaving money on the table? Deep down, you know they are.

They’re hiding behind non-paying tasks rather than picking up the phone. You can see that they’re missing opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. You’re wondering why they go to so many prospecting meetings, yet only a few ever result in new customers. 

All of this eats into your profit and stops you growing your business. You could put this down to laziness, and you might be right. However, it’s more likely that they lack the skillsattitudes and behaviours that they need to excel.

There are two ways that they can get them:

  1. Play the numbers game. If you hire and fire enough people, eventually you’ll get a few strong performers

  2. Invest in your people and give them the right tools for the job

If you want to invest in your salespeople and managers to grow your business, I’m the sales trainer for you.

I've worked exclusively in the electrical sector for the last 5 years and, I have 12 years of sales and management training experience in total. 

I can get your people prospecting effectively and thinking strategically about sales to amplify your profits.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below.


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