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Get more accounts and make more sales this Feb & March


Private sales training available NOW for JUST 5 people (NOW FULL)



Let’s face it, you’ve landed on this page because you’ve got one of three problems:

  1. Almost all of your revenue comes from the same existing clients and you want to change that

  2. You need to win new clients but are struggling and know you could be doing better

  3. You're struggling to adapt to the new way of selling

The solution is simple. 

You have to prospect and you have to deliver effective sales meetings

No ifs, buts, or maybes. 

Hopefully, if you’re suffering from one (or all) of the above, you’ve decided to change things for the better. If you have, I’ve got the solution for you:

Two half day sessions (7 hours total live training over Zoom) of one-to-one sales training with daily accountability and follow up support in between (2x 30 minute calls) a total of 8 hours of step by step sales training.

To be clear, these sessions WON’T make you a lifelong sales expert.

Training only works if you do. 

Your success will depend on you taking action, failing (a lot) and making lifelong learning a habit.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to smashed sales targets and insane commission, you won’t find it here…

You can get all of this at the ONE TIME ONLY price of £249. This offer lasts until 23:59 February 28th 2021.


Here’s a breakdown:

Session 1 

Telephone prospecting (3.5 hours)

Get in front of more of the right prospects.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop the mindset and internal beliefs that support effective prospecting

  • Slip past gatekeepers

  • Build immediate rapport with anyone over the phone

  • Know what to say and how to say it

  • Develop your own step by step elevator pitch designed to engage prospects

  • Fearlessly qualify the decision makers you speak to

  • Stop begging and make prospects want to see you and hear more

Follow up CALL (30 mins)

Me teaching you that stuff is all well and good, but I’m not going to pretend that you’ll take it all in (or even understand everything) in just one session. 

That’s why we’ll have a follow up call one week after your prospecting session.

This call will:

  • Keep you accountable

  • Review your results

  • Help you determine what’s going wrong

  • Overcome any challenges you’re facing

  • Give you additional support

Session 2 

Deliver an effective a sales meeting (3.5 hours)

You’ve won a meeting (face to face or Zoom) now go and win the business.

You will learn how to:

  • Follow a structured sales process and why this is so important

  • Stay in control of meetings by setting a bulletproof agenda

  • Ask effective questions

  • Present products in a way that sells NOT tells

  • Handle objections

  • Upsell and cross-sell confidently and strategically

  • Close the sale

Follow up CALL (30 mins)

Same as before. 30 minutes, one to one where you’ll have free reign to ask questions, work on stuff you’re struggling with or just vent.

8 hours of one to one career enhancing sales training with The Electric Sales Trainer for ONLY £249 until 23:59 February 28th 2021

Wow, Adam Wilson is an incredible sales trainer. I have had only 2 sessions with him and I believe I have improved within my role massively. He manages to capture the attention of a whole room of people instantly and keeping everyone involved at all times.


A truly talented and incredibly down to earth gentleman. Highly recommend


Business development MANAGER

IT Gets better... 

You’ll also:

  • Have full access to me on the phone, by email, and by WhatsApp for the duration of your training

  • Get a recording of both Zoom sessions to keep and refer back to forever ( for group b2b sessions fees apply)

  • Be able to pick a time outside of office hours so you don’t disrupt your working day

You’re a sales trainer, why is this only £249?

Look, lockdown 3.0 has hit everyone hard. 

Training and development is missing in action for some businesses but you’re still expected to hit targets in an increasingly tough market. 

I want to do my bit to help, but believe me when I say spaces are limited. 

When will my training start?

Once payment is received I will contact you to arrange suitable times and dates

Can I call you first?

Yes. it is recommended you call before booking, spaces are limited and I aim to provide these 1-1 sessions to the people who will use it and wants results. 

Why should I trust you to help?

I’ve designed and delivered sales training that’s helped over 400 salespeople in the electrical sector across 3 countries. My training has helped acquire more than £3mil in sales revenue.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Adam is the ultimate sales trainer, I have had the pleasure of attending Adams famous cold call clinics and Adams knowledge of the sales process and how to prospect for new business are second to none. All Adams sessions are energetic and engaging and he is able to keep a room enthused with his charismatic style of delivery, I would highly recommend Adam to anybody looking to help their sales team increase their account base, increase sales from existing customers and increase profit margins.


I look forward to hopefully working with Adam again in future


Sales Representative

Superb prospecting cold call training session with Adam yesterday. After years in the industry, you’re never too old to learn and it was delivered in a professional enjoyable way.


Took so much away with me, it can and will add business. A must for all SM's.



So whether you want to earn more commission, rise up the sales leaderboards or simply want to get your manager off your back then book now and take control of your sales

Buy now
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