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It’s Time Management o’clock

Ah Time Management... An everyday problem for suppliers and wholesalers alike...

A common reason passed up to management on why salespeople can't open new accounts or can't bring in more revenue. "I wish there were more hours in a day" "I physically can't handle more customers" "I have to put my regulars first" And before I get attacked from the biscuit-bringing order takers out there please hear me out. I GET IT, the electrical industry is VERY reactive. It’s common to have your day changed because of circumstance. However... I always ask if the salespeople actually measure their quality sales time (QST) You can guess the response How can you manage & improve something you don't measure? You can't. Here's a simple system I've used with hundreds of salespeople that has helped reclaim thousands of hours of unproductive sales time. R.A.C R ecord - Salespeople to record all activity (and I mean all) during working hours for a 3-5 day period) A nalyse - Either themselves or with management. Sift through the list highlighting and adding up the unproductive tasks that do not class as QST C hanges - Now you've picked yourself up off the floor having seen the figures of "busy" but unproductive time make the necessary changes to proactively reclaim lost QST.

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