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People really don’t give a f**k about your products bells and whistles.

But… Its P.I.R, has ergonomic grip, I.P Rated, British made, has smart technology, 20,000 years warranty and 6353627 Lumens I hear you say. And?

So what?

You better clean up that word-vomit you’ve just spewed up all over your prospect before leaving! Feature dumping is a problem in the electrical industry with most salespeople unknowingly presenting in a way that tells NOT sells. One of the biggest misconceptions salespeople have is that they feel they need to have ALL the product knowledge in order to succeed in electrical sales. Good luck with that With so many products & options it isn’t difficult to understand why the untrained will default to vomiting features all over a customer. The Look how much I know pitch The problem with feature dumping is they’re something your product is or does. They’re found on the packaging and all based on factual LOGIC they aren’t specific to needs. its the ability to communicate them EMOTIONALLY that sells. People buy on emotion and justify it with logic If the salesperson isn’t careful they will have created a mismatch where they are speaking logically but the prospect or customer buys on emotion. Biggest emotion of them all?.........PAIN What problems does your solution fix?

What pain will it eradicate?


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