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Your USP’s are bo**ocks

And here’s how to tell…

Salespeople are often told the key to selling is positioning the Unique Selling Points. Little do they know that by using this approach they often become the exact opposite of unique. Here’s an exercise I like to do with sales teams… Take a sheet of A4 paper and write your company name in bold at the top Now have a think and write down all of your USP’s in bullet points on that same page Impressed? Bad news…You’ve just been fired Good news…You’ve just been instantly hired by a major competitor Now scribble out the name of your old employer and replace it with your new one How many of your “unique selling points” could also be applicable to your new employer? Chances are its most. The below examples are commonly used in the electrical industry. Great service Next day delivery High stock levels Offering rebates A dedicated representative If the competition can say them…say something else! A more effective process is to hone in to the buyer’s specific needs and bring your boring USP’s to life with stories on how they have helped others in the same position Focus on what you can say that others cannot whether about your company or you as an individual

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